Yesterday I really, finally…

…got the feeling of the very fact that the spring is here! I’m awakened in the morning by the light peeking in from the large window in my living room. I know it’s a really kind of Aunt Petunia thing to say, but the birds are even singing, and it’s just so amazing to wake up like that! Don’t you agree…?

So, we all know that I’m a Redken geek and freak -I simply just love their products! Especially because they work so very well on Scandinavian hair, which we all know; it’s really not the easiest hair to work, right…?


One of the best ways to work hair is to apply heat in some way or another. When I say heat, I mean as to blow-dry or by using hot tools; a straightener or a curling tong. With repetitive heat-styling, it follows some concerns you should be aware of as to keep your hair in that perfect state, so it would be as cool, hip, beautiful or undone as you would like it to be, still healthy and amazing-looking!

To my colleagues out there, these products aren’t new as they’ve been out on the market in Norway the last month, but I just really wanted to share with you guys how amazing the duo of Redken’s Pillow Proof are!


All of you who uses make up, yes; I know there’s a couple of guys out there who uses it! It’s okay, I do it too! -you know what a primer is…?  It’s the very first type of foundation you put on your skin to make a smooth surface, and to get the make up to last. Now, we actually got that type of primer for hair as well; The Pillow Proof Express Primer. Suitable for all types of hair; it nurtures, resurfaces and  evens the quality of the hair, so you’ll get a much better result whatever it is that you’re doing with the heat that you apply on it. It has a heat protection up to 450 Fahrenheit or 232 Celsius! There’s no hold in it, so it works with whatever type of product you want to use! Think about it; you never have to worry any more about whether that texturizing spray or blow-dry gel is protective enough for you; just use this!

It also strengthens the effect of the heat and helps the hair to keep the shape that you’ve created much, much longer. This truly is a product that we as artists, and for you guys doing your hair at home, helps us being as creative as we want, meaning we from now on can blow-dry on anything we want, combined with this, we don’t need to take the risk of damaging our hair!


Theres also an extender; the “two day extender” -a really good type of dry shampoo to refresh your hair, so that you don’t have to wash it everyday, and save some time in the morning!

The duo of these two smells terrific, and I deeply recommend them to all types of hair, also for short hair.                                                      Yes; for guys that are using hot tools too! I love them, and as to the pink kid I am,                                                                                                         I get inspired to do do my hair by having the pink color in my bathroom!

Enjoy your hair and week end folks!


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