Yay! :)) I’M BACK!

HI! It’s SO great to see you!

I’m FINALLY back, and I’ve been longing for writing and taking pictures from my everyday express life as a hairstylist -nothing changed according to that…

I know; I’ve been gone from my blog for about 18 months, and I have to tell you, it has been 18 rough months…

Thank you so much for your patience, and that you still click in from time to time to see how I’m doing… <3

MFF-update:last year2

So as I know some of you’ve heard and saw (loooooong time ago) on FB -last year’s June, I moved together with my boyfriend to our first flat together -what an adventure! Ofcourse, as you know me, it was a fully-on-scale project of refurbishment. It’s been A LOT of work, sweat’n’tears, but oh-so-fun to see the big change!

MFF-update:last year5

 Despite all the physical challenges working full-time as a hobby carpenter on top of a full time job as a hair stylist;

The biggest challenge through these 18 months of blog-silence has been to support and care for my cancer-sick grandmother as she’ve always been very dear and close to me…

MFF-update:last year6

Despite her enormous love to life and courageous battle against her illness, she gave in and wandered out of this world in the beautiful sunny evening 4th of July this year. She was a great creative with a ton of will and power to ignite and inspire people around her. She was that kind of person that cared for everybody around her, and always put the needs of others in front of her own. I’m so grateful that I had the joy of growing up with her and really feel lucky to say; I have so much to thank this Great Woman for!

You will always be with me, I love you Mor! <3

Although this summer obviously took it’s emotional toll on me, it’s had a pretty much exciting turn-out;

I were given the opportunity to be the first official Ambassador for AVEDA in Norway, and as much as I love Redken and Adam og Eva which I’ve been with the last 12 years, I couldn’t let this amazing opportunity wander off! That’s also why i had to change salon, and led me to change my salon base to HOPE Hair.

AVEDA is a brand I have the deepest deep respect for, and which I’ve always known of since the day I started out in this industry. HOPE Hair is an eco-environmental minded salon business focusing on being driven as green as it’s possible.

There’s a lot to say about my new career, so it deserves a post of it’s own.

I’ll share it all with you a little later!

MFF-update:last year3

 As the holiday is over, it’s nice to be back in the game again! The shoots are ticking in, and so are the clients and all the new challenges and opportunities!

MFF-update:last year4

 I’m so-so-SO excited to be back on, I feel pretty much amazing! Hope you also are inspired to greet the autumn with open arms to all it could bring!

MFF-update:last year1

I’ll see you very soon..!

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