What’s it all about?



It’s all about how…

    … I love hair, my work and fashion!

    And I love hair -in- fashion! I’m Lars, and this blog is about

    my favorite work and favorite passion!

    I believe in making the world a better place by

    adding that extra touch of creativity on hair..









It’s all about…

…hair as a fabric…

Did you ever come to think about hair as a fabric?

A textile and garment you can wrap and shape the way you want to?

Your favorite kind of hat that constantly keeps on renewing itself,

so you’re able to tweak it, pull it, twist it and dye it so it will perform as

the perfect headpiece just for







It’s all about…

… you as a client…

… as hair is something that’s truly individual,

no matter what trend, style or color you prefer,

it has to be working with what you’ve got!

I love to work behind the chair,

and have you as my guest in it!









It’s all about…

… the art of hair…

… as it can come in all shapes and sizes;

I love to have fun with hair, and in somewhat way or another,

let it speak the way of art it really is!

It’s a great way of expressing all sorts of moods, types and genres,

whether it’s purpose is to suit you for the next appointment, commercial,

editorial or project it is used in!