They say all good things…

… comes in three, and I have to say; I think that’s about it!

Here’s the last one! I really like posting this one bye one, as some times I find that some pictures beat eachother to death -not that I find that these one does, but I just want to givre you the calm to watch one at a time, and not over expose you…

Nominated or not, I’m really happy about them and I had so much fun while we made them! Also for this shoot, I were really lucky to be surrounded with really good professionals that brought the hair out to another level, adding their skills on their area of expertise!

Thank you so much guys for helping me with this! I could NOT have done this without you!

Creating pictures is like designing; you need to have all the elements working together; shape, lines and function.


Contribution to The National Norwegian Hairdresser of The Year 2015

Hairdresser of The Year


Photography; Solveig Selj

Model; Cathrine Stenshagen / heartbreak MANAGEMENT

Styling; Erica Pettersen

Make Up; Linda Nicolaysen

Hair Ass;  Stine Henriksen / Adam og Eva / Nedre Slottsgate

Location; Adam og Eva Skolen



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