So we are 8 chosen…

 … and here’s the rest of them!


I’m amazed and full of thoughts after just getting back from my beloved NYC! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to realize how lucky I am, and describe how lucky I feel, as to be a part of this great educational mentor program!

We’re being trained by some of Redken’s finest mentors -it takes me back to when I were a 16 year old kid, dreaming of my next bottle of Redken’s Extreme Cat Protein Treatment -I barely dreamt of going to work with Redken in New York!Then suddenly I’m way into it, at The Redken Exchange -on the corner of 46th and Fifth, doing energy and what not! Amazing…

I’m a lucky hairdresser and a hairstylist getting to go through with this program! I feel so humble to whom has been given the chance to seek and explore my inner self, so that I would become a better and greater myself giving other the same opportunity as to become a greater leader.

I really feel blessed to have Gaby Lanoue, Emily Fama, Chris Baran, John Stellato and Chris Moody  as my mentors, guides and good voices as to where to turn and taking the path. I knew it was going to, but not that it would be such a massive input that it has been up to this point -that- makes this even more amazing!

Thank you so much guys for your patience with us, the unwilling willingness to never give up on us and to keep us on track though it probably seen like we’ve lost it already!

Thank you so much for making us bigger than who we are, bigger in spirit and contempt in which who we are and what we really can achieve if we aim for it!

This is amazing, YOU are amazing!

Love you!


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