-My Favorite Fabric’s Hairdresser Consultation How-To-

We’ve all probably been through it; visited our local salon or dropped by a random place, eager to get it over with

-you might also have felt you couldn’t get rid of the hair fast enough, then suddenly; “Hmm… there’s something that doesn’t feel right…” , or “…it’s not suiting my hair, and or, headshape…” -can you recall yourself saying that?

Some of us probably have had a very sad experience and maybe also freaked out about it;

Luckily; there are some good clues to live by, and to set yourself up for success when dealing with your hairdresser’s consultation…


First of all; go and see someone you trust!

Or; if you have a recommendation -go for it!

Very often with new clients of mine; truth be told; the relationship between us as a client and a hairdresser needs some time to grow. If you you’re very anxious about your hair; I recommend that you book an appointment for consultation exclusively -going to see your stylist doesn’t always mean you have to cut it at the same time.

And especially if you’re new with a hairstylist;

It could be very well worth to have a chat with him or her just to see if you’re on the same page according to your needs.

Don’t feel ashamed about being concerned about your hair! I love clients who are engaged!


Make sure you have eye contact with your hairstylist; it’s easier for you to explain, and you’ll very much sooner get the feel if you’re not on eachothers’ page about your hair, -or- if there’s a misunderstanding or a mix-up about what you’re explaining.

Don’t rush this part! Take your time!

If you have the possibility to choose; don’t go to get your hair done if you’re in a hurry!

Nowadays when we’re so lucky to have tablets, it’s a true asset to bring it with you! There are several apps you can use to gather pictures and inspiration to bring with you to your next appointment.

Remember to both talk about what you LIKE and DON’T like with the hair that you have in front of you.


To some, though they want to cut of their hair; it feels kind of safe to know they could have it with them; No problem! We’ll fix a pony for you if you want to!

I’ve actually had clients who said that if they were going to cut off their hair, it would be fatal to them if they couldn’t.



Most clients are definately relieved when the hair finally starts to come off! And some actually starts to giggle…


Enjoy your time while sitting in the chair and have fun!

We’re gonna make you look even more fabulous, and remember;

We definately want to make YOU happy!







Finally ready for a color service!

I’ll follow up with a post about Helge’s total makeover result in a couple of days.

Have a great monday!

To be contiued…


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