So what about your sun kissed blonde, when there’s no sun…?

 In Norway this summer, it hasn’t been all sunny, or perhaps; as sunny as some of us were hoping for. If you think your hair still isn’t as summer blonde as you were hoping for -don’t worry! Me and my colleagues out there will help you! Here are some tip that will help you keep your hair’s integrity strong as to meet the change that autumn trends will bring you as well.

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Update #28 -15

Jeeez! Suddenly we’re almost in the middle of July and I haven’t posted to you guys in ages! OUCH!

I hope you have an amazing summer! I for sure do! Not so long ago I arrived back from my good friends’ wedding in Greece -more correct to say; Crete.

We had a r-e-a-l-l-y early flight, so thanks to our amazing friend Therese, we got to the airport just in time!


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-My Favorite Fabric’s Hairdresser Consultation How-To-

We’ve all probably been through it; visited our local salon or dropped by a random place, eager to get it over with

-you might also have felt you couldn’t get rid of the hair fast enough, then suddenly; “Hmm… there’s something that doesn’t feel right…” , or “…it’s not suiting my hair, and or, headshape…” -can you recall yourself saying that?

Some of us probably have had a very sad experience and maybe also freaked out about it;

Luckily; there are some good clues to live by, and to set yourself up for success when dealing with your hairdresser’s consultation…


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