Guess who just called!?

After the shoot yesterday, one of my favorite, craziest, blonde celebrity friend called me -she was going to this event, I think it was the Bond Premiere,  so she wanted to lend some hair from me, but had no one to help her putting it on, so I had to rush up to the salon after the shoot and give her a hand! Haha! Always such a blast to work with you, my dear friend, Marianne<3


Wednesday surprise!

These last two days has been filled with doing clients in the salon, hanging with my folks there, and doing several clothing agencies’ release shows; PolhemPresskontakterna and Spalt amongst others. I really like to walk around on these events cause I think it’s a great value for me as a hairstylist to look on what’s up for the next season. And of course, it’s always nice to meet all my colleagues and good friends out there -goodtimes! Check out what I got to have a look upon!


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An old friend came for a visit…

I was in quite a shock when I a couple a days ago saw the name “Sidsel Margrethe Endresen” on my list! It hadn’t been on it for years -suddenly she was away, and pow! back again! I’ll let you see for yourself how cool she is, she’s also a great friend, a great client, and a great person to talk to! Thank you so much, Sidsel, for all the advise, acknowledgements and cheerios you gave me tonight!


-Sunday Service-

Being a busy bee, I aways try to get spa-things done on sundays, such as giving my hair a deep treatment! I always recommend this day to my clients when getting things deeply done; it’s when the most of us (not always though) have the time to spoil ourselves -at least for 15 minutes or so…

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After 9 years in this business…

… tonight was going to be my first time as a model as well as assisting our new and talented, educated hairstylist Matilda. She was doing her pictures as her contribution to the national Hairdresser of The Year, which the date is almost due to get delivered.

This young gal has been working with us in the salon for almost 4 years now, and she is both sharp and talented in every way!

Even though my schedule nowadays are hard and tightly packed -I couldn’t say no to her, cause I know how important it is to get these type of “projects” done -and we had a lot of fun anyWAY! 😀


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