As october has been all about running around doing hair and I barely have had the time to think…

 … november has just the little extra air I need to just ease back a little.

But just a little.

As you know I’m always busy, but whenever I’m asked; «Is it worth it? To be as busy as you are…?» -If you would’ve asked me in the middle of last month, I would probably don’t know what to answer to that as I were just in the middle of it. But now, when I can look at the pictures from some of the work that was shot, I can’t help but to say anything but;

IMG_9325 kopi

Yes, in the end it’s worth it.
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Did you know there are ways to prepare your hair before autumns’ hair color update…?

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As we just reached september this week, I still got clients coming in, desperate for a summer-rehab on their manes. Often it’s weakened after summers’ escapades and in need for a real protein boost which actually takes some weeks of work, but yes; it is possible; you can actually prepare your hair to a color update after the outdoors’ life of summer -before- you decide to visit your hair-master. It will restore and rebalance your hair, leaving it way more resilient and capable of getting into the task of what’s to come; the annual after-summer color service.


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Update #35-15

Finally the end of august is here, and we’re sooooo over vacation-time! This weeks highlighted update was all about getting ready and inspired to this autumns classes and teach-away awareness on hair;

The annual Norwegian Rac Oslo!

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