Yay! :)) I’M BACK!

HI! It’s SO great to see you!

I’m FINALLY back, and I’ve been longing for writing and taking pictures from my everyday express life as a hairstylist -nothing changed according to that…

I know; I’ve been gone from my blog for about 18 months, and I have to tell you, it has been 18 rough months…

Thank you so much for your patience, and that you still click in from time to time to see how I’m doing… <3

MFF-update:last year2

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10 reasons for you to keep a steady relationship with a hairdresser.

As we’ve started a new year, I hear people all around me talk about their vows for the year to come. It seems it’s such an old tradition that although a lot of people curse it, we always start the year from some type of scratch;

I make up goals in my mind as well but I try to not go all crazy about it; Rather something to reach for or just keep in mind during the year. Very often I hear from those clients of mine who always forget to book an appointment in advance that «Next year, I’ll be much more scheduled so I can keep my mane much more up to date!».

There are a lot of wins in keeping a steady dating with your hair-advisor…

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2016 is for sure not waiting to get going!

In less than a week, next monday, more specific; we’re starting the new season with Redken. We’re having our annually get-together as we always do in the beginning of the season as a way of coaching each other, improve our stage-precious skills and boosting ourselves up to the next season packed with classes, shows and what not!

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What do you want to get out of 2016? Come on! Let’s find out!

New years’ didn’t quite start the way I foresaw, as I’ve literally spent the last week in bed, staying home sick since friday the week before this one! I haven’t had that kind of bad jazz since I can remember like… forever!? This friday the fever finally passed over turning into a really bad headache, but yesterday -FINALLY! SO much better! Last night my boyfriend told me to relax while he made dinner, and so I couldn’t help myself but to actually put myself in a little gear, as to find out what I wanted to spend my year on;

My Favourite Fabric’s Help to Self Coaching;


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This December is a special one…

The last couple of months has been very difficult to me personal as both my mom and my grandmom has gotten a cancer diagnosis; I’ve been totally put out about it, and I’ve been in and out of the hospital. My mom got her surgery at the beginning of this month which went really well, and my grandmom is getting on with her radiation therapy and is improving.

I feel we’re really blessed with an amazing reception at Radiumhospitalet, and we’re really lucky to be able to get them treated!

Though it’s taken a toll on me, this month I got the amazing and uplifting news of being nominated as Hairdresser of The Year at the annual national competition and as I’m running around as I always do in december, I’m delayed with everything!

-also with posting the pictures I’m got nominated for -yet though;

Here they finally are!

Thank you so much to the team for an amazing job!


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