I’m so happy to…

…have colleagues that are both great friends and really devoted to their work! That’s why it’s actually possible to both have a sleepover(!) together, and also an inspiring morning meeting while having breakfast already -before- our clients come in at 9am in the morning! As I’m out of the salon alot, I’m also in it alot, and greatly engaged in everything that has to do with it! I really want this place to be one of the greater places to work, and the staff sure is one of a kind!
Here’s some of the highlights this friday that led the week to an end…


A morning gala mood -insane right?! I just had to snap this while Columbus was making herself an iced latte!  ext.family-2

Everybody is focused on this morning’s subject -how to serve our clients EVEN BETTER!


Piia was showing us som really nice’n’tight edge-cutting with her c-l-i-p-p-e-r-s! Oh yes; you heared me right!ext.family-4

The whole family is gathered<3

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