If you haven’t already…

… I’ld really recommend you to start caring for your summer worn hair! Has it gotten blonder, or maybe not so much? Or perhaps it’s starting to get to a “too light of a level”? I’m always recommending sun screen to all of my clients’ hair; even those with short, as they are more likely to have a sunburned scalp -though sunburn in that area is rather rare as the hair most often covers it; It’s a really unpleasant place to have a sunburn on and so therefore, the mere majority of people actually need sun protection for their upper areas of their head anyway!


Although it seems pretty much the same as last year’s edition of Color Extend Sun, there is some new added; first of all, the scent is much crisper, so you’re sure to be indulged in summer wellness applying this caring stuff to your strands! It is also re-done in the matter of how the sun screen is; this year, it’s alternated, so the UV-filter will let your hair lighten from the sun, but it will protect it against the bad sunburn. You’ll then have the perfect summer kissed hair by the reach of August, but without the bad damage the sun would do to it! If you’re skin is very fair or sensitive, I’ld recommend that you’ld use a kind of sunscreen around your hairline and ears to be totally safe!


Color Extend Sun After-Sun Shampoo -it’s the perfect deep cleanse for you! It will remove any type of product residue, minerals, salt and chlorine, leaving your hair strengthened and moisturized! The UV-protection starts already here, as it builds a protective mexoryl-based filter.


Color Extend Sun After-Sun Conditioner; bringing more of the goodstuff to your hair as it boosts it further on; leaves your hair feeling conditioned, strengthened and restored after a day out in the sun. As I more or so continuously is struggling with a dry scalp, I find especially this conditioner helpful as you could massage it gently down to your scalp; It will reboost your skin, leaving it much more relaxed after a day of swimming and sun bathing.


Color Extend Sun Reflective Glow; here’s your two-in-one power cocktail of a shine spray! It gives an amazing shine, and it’s SO concentrated, a little goes a long way! Don’t be afraid to use it; it’s really easy to distribute and a couple of pumps is probably all you need! The best way of getting it even, is if you apply it to damp or a little moist hair -then massage it through! It adds a lot of vibrancy, which is in fact exactly what you need, as summer hair tend to go dull and matte. Though the whole range of the Color Extend Sun gives you protection against UV-rays, this boost of a shine spray makes out most of it! If you’re in need for being economic this summer and would  like a hot tip on what you really should invest in -I would definitely go for this!

The smell is amazing!


Color Extend After-Sun Mask; I’m the first one to admit I’m a hair- and product-geek! There! It’s said! Or written… haha! The first time I opened this jar, the heavenly scent hit me right away, and the great consistency and yummy color of the mask literally made my teeth run in water as I actually wanted to eat it; the consistency, again; the smell, the texture and the lightweight cream; I really felt indulging in luxury applying it to my towel-dried, damp hair. Not even just that; but it was SO easy to distribute! It felt like it was melting into my hair, feeding and restoring it! And that’s what it does also; intensively restoring your sun-exposed hair’s moisture levels, and re-energizing it with new strength! You really could feel the tangling from sea and chlorine minerals melt away! The most fantastic part about it, was that it didn’t feel weighed down; my summerly waves were still there, just more happy, less frizzy and more defined. Still after so many years working with hair, I get amazed about how much a good mask does to your hair!

Are you having a challenges or is there something you’re wondering about due to your summer hair? Please feel free to drop me a line or e-mail me! I’ld be happy to help you!

Many people think that because they haven’t already invested in UV products for their hair now halfway through the summer, there’s no need to, but in fact; it’s from now and throughout August your hair will feel the wear and tear from the sun; after getting lightened the damage will start to appear, as the UV-rays continues to beat it. Even on cloudy days at this time of year, there are much more rays in the air, so it would really help to start right away to protect it; you’ll meet the fall with much happier and healthier hair!

Hope you all have a great time and enjoy the summer, whether you guys are working or not!

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