I hope for…

a bloomy spring! Love the fact that the sun is here already! A couple of months back in time it wasn’t but now -tadah! Some weeks ago I did a shoot, and as usual I’m not able to post stuff to you guys until it’s ready or it’s launched so I wrote a short notice ’bout this in “A weeks’ passed update… SWOOOSH!” -I haven’t gotten to the part where to give a name for it… any suggestions?! Feel free to send me one! ENJOY!


Photo; Tord-Erik Andresen
Model; Yasmin Avalo @EBModels
MUA; Tove Eggen
Styling; Marte Økelsrud
Hair; me
Hair ass; Christine Colombo Nilsen



LarsEriksenEitranRedkenHairstylist1 LarsEriksenEitranRedkenHairstylist4 LarsEriksenEitranRedkenHairstylist5 LarsEriksenEitranRedkenHairstylist6 LarsEriksenEitranRedkenHairstylist7 LarsEriksenEitranRedkenHairstylist8 LarsEriksenEitranRedkenHairstylist9 LarsEriksenEitranRedkenHairstylist10

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