I can’t believe last night!

Last night was the night the company I work in, Adam og Eva, had it’s great annual spring years’ celebration!


Though I’m stuck in a reading hangover as to next week ends’ exam,

I just had to share this with you guys!

I can barely believe it!;

Traditionally, as always and every year; the company has an internal award consisting of different categories as to the different areas within the company; this year, I were so lucky to be nominated amongst a hand full of other colleagues of mine that work within the same segment as I do; out and about with session work, shows, classes, you name it! -wherever the job takes us basically!;

-Creative of The Year-

As it appeared; I were called up and -O-M-G! as New Yorkers say it; my mouth was so dry when I crawled up on stage, I barely knew how to get a singel word out!

I’m so happy, thankfull, blissfull and up to the core point put out about this, I don’t know what more to say!

I didn’t get to thank all my lovely assistants for helping me out, early as well as late, during weeks as also week ends; both in their spear time, as within their working hours!

Thank you SO-SO-SO much for all those hours you came with your great passion and willing hands to get the job done! I could NOT have done this without YOU GUYS! I won’t mention any names, as you all know who you are, what you mean to and for me!

Can’t wait to work with you guys again!

Yet again; I would really like to thank all within the company; Especially the guys at my salon and my extended family Adam og Eva and of course;

My faithful sponsor Redken and Bobby’s Hair & Cosmetics for making all of this possible!

Love you!

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