How would I get by treating my hair when I’m constantly on the run….?

Everyday life can be really tiring -and some times; brutal! I’m pretty sure I’m not speaking for my sake only when I say so;

Monday -Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday – Saturday – Sunday …


Okay guys; you know I’m honest with you? I admit some times having a long hair can feel like a hazel, though I know for sure, my long locks still is going to stick with me for a while!

I guess all of us can feel that vibe that’s coming up when I put it that way; No time for anything than just to do what you have to and barely hope to get to the part were you get to think about what you want to get done. Very often I find the question;

“How often do you treat your hair during a week…?”

bring my clients more pain and embarrassment than engagement to the question.

Let’s just be right up and honest with each other;

How many of you guys have the time to treat yourself with a personal spa once or twice a week? I might get once a month if I’m lucky. I know many of you readers also have kids as well or you’re just really busy in your way.

So how do I ever get time to treat my hair?

In the long run, hair is something that needs continuously maintenance and in the end, it just needs to be done! Therefore, if I’m running out of time, I’m trying to figure out creative multitasking ways of incorporating it into my busy agenda! This is probably the most comfy way of slipping it into your plans without the stress; Do your shower at night, and squeeze the excess water out of your mane with a towel -try to not rub it so much as it gets more stressed and worn by that. Take your favourite treatment, masque, oil, your best whatever, and rub it in the palm of your hands so you can only feel and barely see the product in them;


This will reduce your overuse of product, help you to distribute evenly and make the applying quicker.

Start with flat hands running onto your lengths;


Then gradually enhance the pressure in your palm, so you actually in a flat way find yourself squeezing the hair -this will help you to start dissolving any possible knots and “hick-ups” in your hair.


Then continue further on by pulling gently throughout, piece by piece;


You’ll feel when the product is starting to get into your hair;

The “massage” you’re giving your hair when doing this will make the product go faster in, and you’ll have a higher repaired effect as it makes the treatment more efficient as the warmth from your hands make the product go deeper into the cuticle.

Then start “raking” the hair with your fingers;


This will help you ease up knots even more and detangle.

Then just before I stop, I check over the length with my hands to see if there are any more knots I need to get rid of. The reason for me urging you to do this, is that you’ll have a struggle the next morning when you’re going to rinse out the treatment and comb it, after been sleeping ontop the knots in your hair.


Finally I can go to bed!

Ofcourse, there will be some more moisture in it, but just to save you the time, and to keep you comfy;

I just put a towel folded double on my pillow…


No need to stay up and wait for the time to rinse!

-I’ll just do it the next morning.


 Finally you could just rest, get the much needed beauty sleep, and rinse the hair in the morning. You’ll cut down on your time spent and you’ll really enjoy the luxury of both not having to wash your hair and having it newly treated!

Let’s not skip the treatment -let’s have our cake and eat it too!

Happy sleeping-beauty-treating and have a great weekend folks!

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