Hair models wanted!

 New year and new hair videos to shoot!

Do you remember back in last February when I did the video for KLIPP?

They’ve asked me again, and so therefore…

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I’m now seeking two models for a cut and a color! It will be in the end of this month; January, here in Oslo.
At the moment I don’t have any specific needs, other than it’s going to be creative.

M.F.F.HairmodelsWanted-16.01.16.-2 (1)

 If you would like to try something really new that’s on trend, let’s talk! I will of course, not talk you into something that you would not feel comfortable with -I would really like you to love your change!


 Whatever we would end up going for, we’ll talk it through so you would be able to have a clear vision of what’s going to happen -or not happen! It’s not going to be scary!

We’re going to have fun!


 Give it a thought and if you would like to ask me a couple of questions, go ahead!

Send me an email with a photo of your hair hanging freely, facing front, to the sides and in the back. It needs to be taken in neutral daylight so I will be able to see the color of it. Write a couple of sentences explaining your style and specific needs of what you’re willing or not willing to do here.

Please do not subscribe to my list of hair models as it’s not working at the moment.

I’m really looking forward to hear from you and to work with your hair!

Best, Lars.

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