Finally, the poll for…

… for the Audience Rewarded Award is ignited!



This year, I’m so lucky to be nominated in two cathegories for the national Norwegian Hairdresser of The Year; Avantgarde Hairdresser of The Year and Hairstylist of The Year -as for the Audience Rewarded Award this year I’m in it with the pictures nominated in the cathegory Avant Garde Hairdresser of The Year. I would be superhappy if you would help me voting for me, by clicking onto the link underneath (won’t work on androids, only computers as for now) -find the pictures with my name on it and push “stem”. The great thing about this is that for every day that passes up to the 26th of January, we will be able to vote again!

I would be endlessly happy if you would help me in this matter and by clicking onto and sharing it with your friends!

-Lars ♥

Publikumsprisen -Årets Frisør 2015

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