Easter time means time to do some spring clean up…

… and finally some time to indulge and take really good care of your hair!

Working as a hairdresser behind the chair, I’m often asked how I do it when I do treatments on my hair, and to some it seems difficult to get through the ritual without spending less than half a day…


 First of all; you need to really make sure your hair is fully wet, before applying the shampoo; My hair is a very porous type, so if not totally wet, it will actually have airbubbles in it that will make it difficult to distribute the shampoo through.


 When I doing a treatment on my hair, once every or two-weeks, I use a deep cleansing shampoo. You’ve probably already heared about deep cleansing your skin, and you can actually also do this to your hair as well!


 There are different kinds of deep cleansing shampoos on the market, but what they all have in common is that they have the ability to literally dig deeper into the core of the hairshaft and bring out dirt, oils, mineral leftovers from tapwater or swimming pool -even residue from former applications of styling products. Personally, I’m really fond of Redken’s Hair Cleansing Cream, as it really does it’s workload every time; Deeply cleaned hair, without stripping it harmfully down.


Deep cleansing shampoos have a high concentration of cleansing agents, so a little goes a long way; I use about the amount you can see in the palm of my hand here.


Distribution and application of the shampoo throughout the length of the hair is r-e-a-l-l-y important as not only are we going to wash our hair, but also deep cleanse it, making it ready for the following preferred treatment. I always start at the top of the head when applying the shampoo and working the foam throughout the lengths of the hair. A good trick here is to literally “pull” the foam along the length;


Then massage the lather throughout the ends. I usually spend about a minute on this as the shampoo needs some help to dig into the hair activating it.



I recommend you do this procedure twice to get it thoroughly clean. Some times it actually needs a third one if your hair is really dirty; the amount of foam when shampooing will help you determine whether or not.


After rinsing your hair really well, you’ll feel the cleanlyness of it; when toweldrying, I recommend you to squeeze the moist out of it rather than rubbing, as this can stress your hair, making it frizzy or even break in worst case.



At this time of year when the weather is shifting between warm and cold, I prefer to use a little more richer moisturising treatment on it, as it balances the hair better and prevents staticness and flyaways.


Redken’s Smooth Lock is perfect at this time of year!


I always tip the jar when taking out product to avoid water from my hands and the shower dripping in it. Though I have plenty, my hair is fine, and therefore, I’m careful of not overapplying product as it may weigh it down.


I start by rubbing the product between my palms, and then with my fingers I comb it through to get an overall application.




Then, to finely distribute it, I use a wide toothed brush or comb, to make sure it gets all over, I start with the ends…


Then continuing upwards…


… until everything is smooth-combed.


Then I clip it up, so I’m able to wash the rest of my body while the treatment is working, making this not only a spa experience, but also an efficient one.




At the very end, after rinsing the treatment, I always seal the deal with a conditioner as well.

Distribute with fingers. Massage it in. Rinse.



Amazing how much better you feel after treating yourself with a treatment like that!

I tell my client to not start this ritual at mornings when they’re in a hurry -do it when you have the time, a day off or allow yourself some time on sundays when and if, you have the day off.


For more information about Smooth Lock, just click on the image above!

Have a great easter spa sunday, folks!

All products are sponsored by Redken Norway.

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