Did you know there are ways to prepare your hair before autumns’ hair color update…?

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As we just reached september this week, I still got clients coming in, desperate for a summer-rehab on their manes. Often it’s weakened after summers’ escapades and in need for a real protein boost which actually takes some weeks of work, but yes; it is possible; you can actually prepare your hair to a color update after the outdoors’ life of summer -before- you decide to visit your hair-master. It will restore and rebalance your hair, leaving it way more resilient and capable of getting into the task of what’s to come; the annual after-summer color service.


We all know how summer probably is the most outdoorsy season we have; we travel, spend time at the beach, out at the sea, experience wildlife and some of us even do off road stuff like biking, mountain hiking and surfing. All these activities means exposure to elements such as sun, wind and water. Just as iron oxidize when exposed to the oxygen in the air; the same thing happen to hair. It leads to color fade and weakening of the hair shaft. All these harsh elements can cause severe damage to your locks if you’re not protecting, strengthening and repairing as you go. Especially when facing your first color service immediately after summer; it helps to really kick in some protein strengthening treatments to deal with the challenges!

So let’s start up with cleansing your hair; either with a deep cleanse or your recommended shampoo; it depends on how the state of the hair is; if you’ve been through a summer with a lot of swimming (both sea and pool), I really would urge you to do a proper cleanse. This is to get rid of all the mineral residue from sea and pool water -it’s essential to get the best result, as residue some times can have a negative impact on the color process. Shampoo twice, and make sure you distribute shampoo through all of the hair; this will give your hair the most out of your protein treatment.


Towel dry carefully and avoid rubbing or harsh massaging when hair is wet; it’s at it’s weakest point then. A good rule of thumb is to massage lightly and gently “squeeze” the hair with your towel, letting the towel do most of the job for you.

Then on with the protein; There are several treatments on the market which are great! -personally I prefer Redken’s Extreme Cat Protein Reconstructing Treatment for Distressed Hair; It’s pure strength for your hair in a can!


Make sure you spray it evenly all over;

From top…


… to bottom.


Massage it in gently with flat hands; as you go you’ll feel it will melt into your hair, first a light lather then suddenly it absorbs completely -don’t worry! It’s still there! It’s just penetrating deep into the hair shaft and builds strength inwards and out! I leave it on for about 5 minutes and put it up, so it’s out of my washing way as I clean the rest of my body while the treatment is working; makes it efficient and I don’t have to stand in the shower awaiting the magic to happen!

Rinse and then follow up with your recommended conditioner.



Building on your hair’s strength is always important no matter if it’s chemically treated or damaged; When clients ask me how often they should treat it I say; “The more fun you have with it, (color services, heat styling, combing, etc) the more you need to pay attention to it!

As my hair is a fragile kind, I do CAT treatments on it regularly; when facing a more heavy color service, I “boost” my hair by using CAT every time I wash it 2-3 weeks in advance of the service. This builds a lot of strength and resilience to the hair, and it will also prevent any heavy duty damage as the hair is much more healthy dealing with the chemical service. Though you’re doing your treatments at home, I advice you to always seek expertise when deciding what color service you should go for; every hair type is unique, and we go about it differently!

Happy treating!


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