There’s something about New York that just…

… makes me smile; it empowers, inspires and engages me to push myself and my career forward.

As working on NYFW has been a huge dream, continuing the year that has been with a lot of great stuff happening in my life.

Really feel amazingly lucky for me to be able and privileged to be doing this.

Life’s like a cup full of opportunities; just dare to grab it!




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10 reasons for you to keep a steady relationship with a hairdresser.

As we’ve started a new year, I hear people all around me talk about their vows for the year to come. It seems it’s such an old tradition that although a lot of people curse it, we always start the year from some type of scratch;

I make up goals in my mind as well but I try to not go all crazy about it; Rather something to reach for or just keep in mind during the year. Very often I hear from those clients of mine who always forget to book an appointment in advance that “Next year, I’ll be much more scheduled so I can keep my mane much more up to date!”.

There are a lot of wins in keeping a steady dating with your hair-advisor…

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2016 is for sure not waiting to get going!

In less than a week, next monday, more specific; we’re starting the new season with Redken. We’re having our annually get-together as we always do in the beginning of the season as a way of coaching each other, improve our stage-precious skills and boosting ourselves up to the next season packed with classes, shows and what not!

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