2016 is for sure not waiting to get going!

In less than a week, next monday, more specific; we’re starting the new season with Redken. We’re having our annually get-together as we always do in the beginning of the season as a way of coaching each other, improve our stage-precious skills and boosting ourselves up to the next season packed with classes, shows and what not!

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Update #28 -15

Jeeez! Suddenly we’re almost in the middle of July and I haven’t posted to you guys in ages! OUCH!

I hope you have an amazing summer! I for sure do! Not so long ago I arrived back from my good friends’ wedding in Greece -more correct to say; Crete.

We had a r-e-a-l-l-y early flight, so thanks to our amazing friend Therese, we got to the airport just in time!


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