Did you know there are ways to prepare your hair before autumns’ hair color update…?

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As we just reached september this week, I still got clients coming in, desperate for a summer-rehab on their manes. Often it’s weakened after summers’ escapades and in need for a real protein boost which actually takes some weeks of work, but yes; it is possible; you can actually prepare your hair to a color update after the outdoors’ life of summer -before- you decide to visit your hair-master. It will restore and rebalance your hair, leaving it way more resilient and capable of getting into the task of what’s to come; the annual after-summer color service.


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So what about your sun kissed blonde, when there’s no sun…?

 In Norway this summer, it hasn’t been all sunny, or perhaps; as sunny as some of us were hoping for. If you think your hair still isn’t as summer blonde as you were hoping for -don’t worry! Me and my colleagues out there will help you! Here are some tip that will help you keep your hair’s integrity strong as to meet the change that autumn trends will bring you as well.

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