They say all good things…

… comes in three, and I have to say; I think that’s about it!

Here’s the last one! I really like posting this one bye one, as some times I find that some pictures beat eachother to death -not that I find that these one does, but I just want to givre you the calm to watch one at a time, and not over expose you…

Nominated or not, I’m really happy about them and I had so much fun while we made them! Also for this shoot, I were really lucky to be surrounded with really good professionals that brought the hair out to another level, adding their skills on their area of expertise!

Thank you so much guys for helping me with this! I could NOT have done this without you!

Creating pictures is like designing; you need to have all the elements working together; shape, lines and function.


Contribution to The National Norwegian Hairdresser of The Year 2015

Hairdresser of The Year


Photography; Solveig Selj

Model; Cathrine Stenshagen / heartbreak MANAGEMENT

Styling; Erica Pettersen

Make Up; Linda Nicolaysen

Hair Ass;  Stine Henriksen / Adam og Eva / Nedre Slottsgate

Location; Adam og Eva Skolen



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Throwback’s are a funny way to…

… look back to what has been, what you’ve done, accomplished and for giving yourself new inspiration to other projects you want to put into action so you can start the realization of them; very often, some of the most inspiring and impact full places for me to find inspiration, is actually in the play field itself; the work. It’s when I cooperate with other creatives; photographers, stylists, set designers and other craftsmen that are brought into the same play field wherever I go, that inspires and drives me to still want to reach new goals, discuss sketches, throw ideas and putting our best effort together aiming for the best result we could create together.


-Lookbook for Tommy Løland’s jewelry collection/ Zuzanna G Brandstore A/W 2011.

Photo by; Ole Musken

Art Direction, , set design and styling; Tommy Løland

Models; Tine / TEAM Models & Simon Souyris Strumse / (HeartBreak Management)


The Figurine katalog-1
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Yesterday was a really…

…fun day! We did the show for Redken’s Relaunch of their new styling line -it was amazing! Can’t wait till I get the photos from the show, and I’ll post them to you guys!
Arriving at my home, I just felt for a chill down, and some times the best way of doing that is just to look at something nice and inspiring! Check out this lovely, and funny cool editorial from Commons & Sense Magazine. (posted on It features the Dutch model Anouk de Heer, shot by Naomi Yang, Styled by Shino Itoi and all suited up in  Diesel Black Gold’s spring 2014 collection. Gosh I look forward to this spring!



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Four weeks passed like a swoosh! over my head since my last post -the last half of the last year has been so busy, I’m striving to keep you guys updated, but I can see you’re following me on my instagram, so I’m really grateful for that and all of your likes!:) Thanx!:))

My camera is also out of business, so I hope you bear with me on the picture quality;)
Here’s my four-week-cabaret-update;
Some weeks ago I did this shoot for a new brand called AoE -I can’t say it enough; They really have a cool thing going on, you should try them out! Sustainable, Norwegian, properly expensive and fair-trade are clues and words for description!


Photo by; Simon Skreddernes

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New year, new ways of doing things…

As the lucky hairstylist I am, to be on the Redken Team Norway, at the beginning of each year we always have some training to update and to seek inspiration. This time, we had the great honour of having Ellen Lawlor over for a visit, and she had a lot of goodies to teach us! It was an amazing two days, and I’ll encourage everybody who has the opportunity to learn from her, to jump on a class! as the unlucky sole I am, my camera broke down, so please excuse me for my bad iPhone-quality!

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… and so the sweet calm of Christmas is upon us (hopefully), and it’s just so nice to feel the tempo slowing down. I’m really grateful for all the nice things I’ve been given, and enjoying time with my family and friends up north. A couple of my familymembers are wondering what they are going to do with the money they were given for Christmas, and so I thought about giving you guys some ideas; here’s an editorial I did for SVAMagazine which features Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen’s Jewelry Collection called “Snakes” which was launched this year as a privilege to their 50 Years Anniversary. The whole team were stunned by the beauty of the collection, and I felt really honoured to be working with gems as delicate as these! Scroll down,watch, and take in all the beauty and boldness of these items as they truly stand to be observed and admired…
To get the whole story, go to SVA Magazine or check out the universe of Ole Lyngaard.


Produced by; SVA Magazine
Published on;
Art Direction; Erica Pettersen
/ SVA Magazine
Photo; Tine Hagfors
Body Paint; Karen Elieson
Make up; Maya Katrine Røe / Adam og Eva
Hair; Lars Eriksen Eitran / Adam og Eva / Redken

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Finally, I can reveal them…

The 1. of december is already passed and therefore we’re allowed to reveal our contribution for our Norwegian Hairdressing Awards 2014 -here’s my contribution for the category Avant Garde.
It’s funny how creativity takes you through different stages and ways of working with hair -it’s an endless fabric to be worked around -again and again…
Photo; Ole Musken
Model; Caroline Marie / Team Models
Styling; Tommy Løland
Make up; Storm Pedersen
Hair Ass; Ina Nilsen Hakestad / Adam og Eva Grensen

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