What do you want to get out of 2016? Come on! Let’s find out!

New years’ didn’t quite start the way I foresaw, as I’ve literally spent the last week in bed, staying home sick since friday the week before this one! I haven’t had that kind of bad jazz since I can remember like… forever!? This friday the fever finally passed over turning into a really bad headache, but yesterday -FINALLY! SO much better! Last night my boyfriend told me to relax while he made dinner, and so I couldn’t help myself but to actually put myself in a little gear, as to find out what I wanted to spend my year on;

My Favourite Fabric’s Help to Self Coaching;


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Update #35-15

Finally the end of august is here, and we’re sooooo over vacation-time! This weeks highlighted update was all about getting ready and inspired to this autumns classes and teach-away awareness on hair;

The annual Norwegian Rac Oslo!

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