Finally I can present to you…

…the pictures I’m nominated for in the national Norwegian category Avant Garde Hairdresser of the year. As Christmas is upon us, I’m gonna present this to you, one by one, as it’s easier to enjoy and digest them, rather than have them all thrown together -don’t rush! I+ll post the next one tomorrow!

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t happy about them, and I’m so thankful for the team I were able to work With, as they are true masters to what they do! And to the two, very special assistants for me, Wanda Yr Hajo and Stine Henriksen, I really couldn’t have done this without you! Thank you so much!

Contribution to The National Norwegian Hairdresser of The Year 2015

Avant Garde Hairdresser of The Year Nominee

Photography; Simon Skreddernes / Palookaville

Model; Iris L / Team Models

Styling; Christina Ledang / Pudder Agency

Make Up; Sara Schultz Pedersen / Pudder Agency

Hair Ass; Wanda Yr Hajo and Stine Henriksen / Adam og Eva / Nedre Slottsgate

Location; Adam og Eva Skolen

SS_Årets Frisør Lars_3_000353

Windy monday…

…and in Bergen I am. Being lucky to work with my favorite fabric, I’m also able to travel away from home and still be able to bring my work with me. I’m in Bergen to follow my mom, who’s having a severe operation on her back, so in between blood-samples and meetings with her surgeon, we strolled around in this beautiful yet windy, town. The spring is already here, and being the long-haired boy I am, I dropped my beenie and let my hair flow freely -I just loved it! I felt so free, and all my worries considering my mom’s operation literally blew out of my mind. I wanted you guys to have the same feel, so here’s something flowing and beautiful for you to lend your eyes on…


“SKY” -S MODA March 9th issue


Photo by; Andrew Yee
Model (and singer); Sky Ferreira
Hair by; Thanos Samaras
Make up by; Fablola
Styled by; Chabela Garcia -featuring 3.1 Philip Lim, Dries Van Noten and Isabel Marant