We’ve just started the summer, and I’m so happy to declare…

… that there’s still a lot to come! Can’t believe july is approaching! I haven’t gone on a summer’s holiday yet, and so therefore I ran across this great editorial on the web while researching. I love the fact how 90’ies influences is making it more and more through trends and in many ways approaching guys fashion -although the minimalism of the 90’ies seems to be teased the way designers heart and feel allows them to, I just have to come clean;

I LOVE IT! It’s from May, but you could still have it as inspiration! The texture on the hair is amazing! Don’t you agree…?


Photography; Steeve Beckouet

Fashion Editor/Stylist: Bodo Ernle

Model: Lucas Valerdi, Nathaniel Rooklyn, Romeo Caminos and Sam Maouchi

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