Numéro #141 “Terminal”

I’ve always liked things that are a little odd -so therefore I just had to post this! It’s nice to sit on your vacation and just breathe in a little inspiration!

Produced by; Ernesto Qualizza

Photo; Greg Kadel
Styling; Patti Wilson
Hair; Nicolas Jumjack
Makeup; Kabuki


“Fashion 2″ : Milou van Groesen : Flair December 2012 : Benjamin Lennox

A colleague of mine once said that whenever he thought about me, one of the first things that hit his mind was the feel of “a lot of colors”. He really moved me -for all of you who really know me; I love colors, so I really took that as a compliment! Like this editorial which in a way is kind of like Gaga-ish and with a lot of colors, and I, who both love Gaga and colors -I just h-a-d to repost this! ENJOY! And Merry Christmas!


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