Fashion is very often in some way…

…all around you! Did you know? Luckily it’s up to ourselves how we want to express, dress and look. What I love about hair is that it’s for everybody to use and you can cut it, dye it, curl it… you name it! Friday a week back, I had this article published in D2 which is about different kind of artists and their way of wearing their bangs. The funny thing about it is that all though they have it in some way or another, they look very individual each and every one of them -here’s a look for you! Why not try it for yourself if you haven’t…?

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Guess who just called!?

After the shoot yesterday, one of my favorite, craziest, blonde celebrity friend called me -she was going to this event, I think it was the Bond Premiere,  so she wanted to lend some hair from me, but had no one to help her putting it on, so I had to rush up to the salon after the shoot and give her a hand! Haha! Always such a blast to work with you, my dear friend, Marianne<3


An old friend came for a visit…

I was in quite a shock when I a couple a days ago saw the name “Sidsel Margrethe Endresen” on my list! It hadn’t been on it for years -suddenly she was away, and pow! back again! I’ll let you see for yourself how cool she is, she’s also a great friend, a great client, and a great person to talk to! Thank you so much, Sidsel, for all the advise, acknowledgements and cheerios you gave me tonight!