And so; 2016 came and left 2015, being the year when…

… when I really started to dare to be as personal as I was hoping I might one day with you guys;

To a lot of people out there, selfies comes with no strings attached, but I’ve always had this thing for feeling uncomfortable with them -those days, are really gone!

It’s the year I felt I had a breakthrough as a fascilitator, and in some ways I can’t explain why. As much as  there is to say about that topic in technical ways, there’s also a large part attached to your state of mind dealing with it; I’m just really thankful for this opportunity made possible by my extended family; Adam og Eva and Redken.


It’s the year I started to really feel a new freedom attached to my hair artistry; it’s really powerful and it goes with what my grandma’ told me the summer I stayed with her when I was 14; «You know, Lars; All answers will come to you when you need them. Very often we run around driving ourselves crazy to get to it’s core, don’t worry! It will come -if you don’t have them, you just don’t know. Let it sink in, and take yourself some time; suddenly it’s there!


I can’t believe the fact that there are people looking up to me out there! I wasn’t aware of how deep an impact sharing my career-start would have on someone; 2015 became the year were I actually made someone cry in the audience just by telling my story; Thank you for being so strong that you shared that experience with me ; You know who you are, so let me give this advice for your future; Stay in the believe of your power to make your future the way YOU would like it to be! Keep your mind open to other peoples input, always be curious, stay humble, have fun, work hard and stay true to your heart! I wish you everything and beyond!


I’ve been working on several cool art-meats-fashion projects, and it’s SO fun! I’m really privileged to be able to work with what I love! My favorite fabric! <3


I’ve finally kicked off with my how-to’s, and it’s really challenging. Love to have something to strive for, and it’s really worth it when you finally see the result. Hope I’ll be able to be help you with topics you’ve been wondering about!


My first couple of videos for doing hair design were shot -who would have believed that that ever was going to happen? Still, I can’t believe it… an amazing experience!


2015 was the year when I started to attack issues and worries in a much more conscious way; if you’re not happy about something, act on it! It will make everything easier for you, and lead you into new or onto different ways.


I’ve been travelling and experiencing other cultures that had a huge impact on me in a lot of ways; the history that has been making the world what it is today, making what fashion is today.


Memories from a very special wedding were a very good friend of mine got married; You’ve always been special to me, and this made proof of the very fact that true friendship doesn’t expire, though it took several years before we got to see eachother again! An honour to get to do your hair! <3 Will always love you!


Still; working with clients in the salon, 2015 prooved, it’s one of the best places to experiment with hair products, colors and new ways of doing hair. I’m really grateful to all of my faithfully regular clients who always comes back, asking me for advice! Thank you so much for all your patience in waiting for a new appointment, and for letting me reschedule you, due to my insanely tight schedule from time to time! I love you!  M.F.F.StartOf2016-9

As I started as a no. #1 fan way back in my sweet 16, I never believed I were going to be able to get to work with you 14 years later! Thank you so much Maria, for believing in my skills and honouring me the trust! I’m forever grateful! <3


So much gained, still, so much lost as well; you died way to early and so hurtfully unexpected! I know I’m not alone when I say I were horrified by the news of you passing away! I will forever be grateful for all of the memories we have together, for all the times you made me laugh and all those great moments you entertained us from stage!

I will never forget you, and I promise to look after your love! <3


2015 has taught me ways of appreciating ways and parts of life I never knew I would appreciate! I’m so happy for my work, my friends, my family -words run short! This year, I even met a fantastic guy I would barely dare to dream that I might meet one day; thank you for bringing your universe into mine; it was such a coincidence, but now it feels like the puzzle came all together!

You’re amazing…


I can’t wait to get off with the continuing of 2016!

I’m so humble and happy for all my readers who stays with me and supports me! Without you guys, this blog wouldn’t be anything!

Please let me know if there are topics around my favorite fabric you would like me to address! I’ld be very happy to!

L<3ve you!


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