2016 is for sure not waiting to get going!

In less than a week, next monday, more specific; we’re starting the new season with Redken. We’re having our annually get-together as we always do in the beginning of the season as a way of coaching each other, improve our stage-precious skills and boosting ourselves up to the next season packed with classes, shows and what not!

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There’s something really special about the feeling of being a part of a team; To me; it makes me happy to feel as a part of something bigger. It’s amazing to be in a group that are just as turned on about reaching the goal that we set us up to, together, as I am!

I find it so fascinating, that despite the fact that I’m working with a craft that has everything to do with the skill-set in your hands, my ability to sit down, open up for new information, and yes; Studying -because that’s what we really do; We consume a lot of new information each year to improve as facilitators; That’s a big part of the growth and improving, both as a hairdresser, a facilitator, team-member, hairstylist and an artist.

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Still, over time when we strive to improve, it’s like beginning all over again; We start from scratch, learn, try out and do tests. Some times it’s easy, and some times (oh yes, I admit;) we tend to struggle with the new information provided, the new techniques and ways of doing hair.

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When things get tough, I’m so happy to have a great team around that back me up when I need it. At the end of the day, it’s all hard work -it’s as real and simple as that!

In less than a week, we’ll be united once again, and I’m so excited to kick it all off!

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