… and so the sweet calm of Christmas is upon us (hopefully), and it’s just so nice to feel the tempo slowing down. I’m really grateful for all the nice things I’ve been given, and enjoying time with my family and friends up north. A couple of my familymembers are wondering what they are going to do with the money they were given for Christmas, and so I thought about giving you guys some ideas; here’s an editorial I did for SVAMagazine which features Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen’s Jewelry Collection called “Snakes” which was launched this year as a privilege to their 50 Years Anniversary. The whole team were stunned by the beauty of the collection, and I felt really honoured to be working with gems as delicate as these! Scroll down,watch, and take in all the beauty and boldness of these items as they truly stand to be observed and admired…
To get the whole story, go to SVA Magazine or check out the universe of Ole Lyngaard.


Produced by; SVA Magazine
Published on;
Art Direction; Erica Pettersen
/ SVA Magazine
Photo; Tine Hagfors
Body Paint; Karen Elieson
Make up; Maya Katrine Røe / Adam og Eva
Hair; Lars Eriksen Eitran / Adam og Eva / Redken

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Even if I REALLY look forward to Christmas…

…I also look forward to next spring! It makes me think back about this year, and things that were published. For example; this editorial we did this spring, and were lucky to get printed in the Norwegian fashion magazine for youngsters;  Det Nye -this autumn.
Photo; Solveig Selj
Model; Malin Pettersen
Styling; Lotte Shepard / Pudder Agency
Makeup; Linda Wickmann / Pudder Agency
Hair; me / Adam og Eva / Redken
Hair ass; Maya Katrine Røe / Adam og Eva

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Finally, I can reveal them…

The 1. of december is already passed and therefore we’re allowed to reveal our contribution for our Norwegian Hairdressing Awards 2014 -here’s my contribution for the category Avant Garde.
It’s funny how creativity takes you through different stages and ways of working with hair -it’s an endless fabric to be worked around -again and again…
Photo; Ole Musken
Model; Caroline Marie / Team Models
Styling; Tommy Løland
Make up; Storm Pedersen
Hair Ass; Ina Nilsen Hakestad / Adam og Eva Grensen

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