Okay! Okay! SO…

… I admit it! I’m a workaholic…! There! Are you happy now?! 😉 Well I kind of need to be, and I am, so that’s that! As from time to time I’m involved in projects I’m not allowed to post too much about, but being the buzy bee I am, I want to post this to those people that’s a huge inspiration to me, not all of them got so much to do with fashion, but as you all know; Inspiration comes from a lot of different places, and I want to donate a thought to all of them who’s behind the scenes; the assistants, friends, colleagues, and of course; family; who’s always there, no matter how busy or not busy we are. Do you guys often think about everyday-life as something precious? I do! It’s just such a shame that we very often rush around, without seeing those dear moments -despite being a busy bee, I try to stop as often as I can, just to look around a little, and honor them who are dear to me, It doesn’t even have to take so much of time; a simple sms with a heart is a lot to somebody you haven’t seen in ages! So here’s some of them;

My mom.


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Heavily wakening…

… and light morning! I really enjoy the fact that there’s light outside when I wake up! 🙂 I really had a hard time getting up now -I guess it’s like so when you’re working late nights… anyway -here’s something light and dreamy for you! Love the graphicness of this, and I think it’s so fun, when other hairstylist has been inspired by the same thing I’ve been inspired by myself… 🙂


ETHEREAL -5th anniversary issue of DRESS TO KILL
Photo by; Lily and Lilac
Model; Ishie Wang
Styled by; Nadia Pizzimenti
Hair and make up by; Sabrina Rinaldi
Assistant Styling; Christian Allaire



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You guys know…

… how busy I am, right? I’m sorry! I haven’t been able to post to you guys these last days! And I’m so happy to see that you’re actually checking in here to see if there’s anything new! AwEsOmE! 😀 A little boring I know, but from these latest shoots I’ve been to, I’m not able to show you anything, ’cause it’s a secret. But I’ll tell as soon as I can! 😉 Meanwhile, here’s something phenomenal for you to look at! I really like how the shape of the hair is giving the dynamic contrast against the straight, graphic lines!
Photo and Art. Direction; Chris Nicholls
Model; Samantha Rayner
Styled by; Zeina Esmail
Hair and make-up artist; Greg Wencel


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I’m very often called…

… the “Bag Lady” of my closest friends and colleagues. You can often see me dragging suitcases, bags, and all of that kind of a hairstylist’s stuff all around! I therefore just had to post this! The name of the editroial is striking, and of course, I love everything about it! It really shows that you don’t have to have the most expensive set design to make something really knocking shit…
enjoy this you guys! 🙂


Lady Baglady -by Nikolai Biryukov
Photo by; Nikolai Biryukov
Model; Ranya Mordanova
Hair by; Ernesto Montenovo
Makeup by; Marina Keri
Styled by; Stella Gosteva
Reblog from fashiongonerogue.com



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