So for my future…

… to be, it could be a lot of things. It strikes me, especially when on a holiday like easter is, it’s kind of a travel-for-thought; it’s the kind of a holiday which is quite enough to let you think, but open to a lot of possibilities; in no other way but positive,
it turned into something I wouldn’t expect it to be. I’ve told you guys earlier that there has been a lot of death in my family these last couple of years, and it leaves you to a certain state of mind where and/or how, to value what you’ve got and what you want for your life and future. A couple of days back, we went up north to help my grandma clean out her moms’ ( my great grandma’s) house; it put things in perspective -you know; going down that memory-lane, memories coming back up. A part of all of those things I experienced as a kid, led to who I am today, so I’m just really utterly thankful for that! Beauty and inspiration comes from a lot of places and happenings in your life…

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I’ve always been weak for…

colored styling and in someeverway type of bright hair. Especially when I come across editorials where  a male model is included; it’s always fun to collect these! It’s not too many of them, especially when everything in it fits,
and speaks the same tone and language!


“NÉONS” -Numéro Homme S/S 2013


 Photo by; Benjamin Lennox
Model; John Todd
Style by; Charles Varenne
Hair by; Pasquale Ferrante
Make up by; Niki M’nray



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Then Easter came…

I don’t know how it is for you guys, but to me, it seems that time is just freakin’ flying away! After getting home from Bergen, I’ve been so busy both with meetings, clients and stuff @ the salon, -and-(!) events, so I haven’t been able to post as much as I wanted to, but anyway;
thanks to my favorite flying company Norwegian I’m able to blog from the sky as I’m on my way home to my sweet home town Bodø. I need some time with my family now after everything that’s happened, but I won’t fail you; I promise to post to you guys as I’m round and about. Here’s some clean and calm, sleek and graphic eye-candy for you, it is Easter after all… 😉


Photo by; Gregory Allen
Model; Vasilisa Pavlova
Fashion direction by; Pamela Ocampo
Styled by; Nick Nelson featuring Marc Jacobs, Fendi and Balenciaga
@ the stunning location of Naucalpan, Mexico



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It’s really…

… about time! I love H&M’s work around their “Conscious Collection”, now also with an exclusive edition; “Conscious Exclusive”. Everything is made with sustainable materials, ranging from organic cotton, recycled polyester, recycled polyamide, and of course TENCEL. Personally, I always try to be as green as possible, recyling, buying second-hand and vintage. I think it’s important and our future depend on it. Fashion is all about being creative, and creativity will always be finding new and hopefully “greener” ways, just take a look at this; I’m just sayin’; WOW!! Who said “going green is the same as going boring”!? Love everything about it…


Features; Dorothea Bart Jorgensen



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Windy monday…

…and in Bergen I am. Being lucky to work with my favorite fabric, I’m also able to travel away from home and still be able to bring my work with me. I’m in Bergen to follow my mom, who’s having a severe operation on her back, so in between blood-samples and meetings with her surgeon, we strolled around in this beautiful yet windy, town. The spring is already here, and being the long-haired boy I am, I dropped my beenie and let my hair flow freely -I just loved it! I felt so free, and all my worries considering my mom’s operation literally blew out of my mind. I wanted you guys to have the same feel, so here’s something flowing and beautiful for you to lend your eyes on…


“SKY” -S MODA March 9th issue


Photo by; Andrew Yee
Model (and singer); Sky Ferreira
Hair by; Thanos Samaras
Make up by; Fablola
Styled by; Chabela Garcia -featuring 3.1 Philip Lim, Dries Van Noten and Isabel Marant


I hope for…

a bloomy spring! Love the fact that the sun is here already! A couple of months back in time it wasn’t but now -tadah! Some weeks ago I did a shoot, and as usual I’m not able to post stuff to you guys until it’s ready or it’s launched so I wrote a short notice ’bout this in “A weeks’ passed update… SWOOOSH!” -I haven’t gotten to the part where to give a name for it… any suggestions?! Feel free to send me one! ENJOY!


Photo; Tord-Erik Andresen
Model; Yasmin Avalo @EBModels
MUA; Tove Eggen
Styling; Marte Økelsrud
Hair; me
Hair ass; Christine Colombo Nilsen



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After spending a whole week with…


… my grandparents, I feel so good about myself! I got to relax, sleep, have a good week of rest and I always feel so welcome by them! I guess you guys didn’t know, but my grandma is actually a tailor,
and her favorite material is something we have a lot in our country; wool.
I was so inspired by the material after being with her, she also shipped with me a lot of great garments, so when I came back to the big city, and came a cross this, well then… here it is!


DION LEE – Contribution and Australian winner of The International Woolmark Competition


Photo; Stephen Ward
Model; Cassi Van Den Dungen
Art Direction; Kate Rogers
-repost from



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Just a little skip in the time-machine…

…and then back to the 1600’es! Or is it? We’ve all seen different kinds of editorials where the team get their inspiration from different kinds of eras. It seems especially the period ranging from the 1600-1700’es, also known as the Baroque Period, or as named here; “Barock” is still due to be played with! I really like the playness of this, and the way they play with what’s old but still modern. I hope you agree with me when I shout out that I; LOVE IT! This is also a little “old”, but since I think it’s so awesome and the fact that the snow is still on the ground I’ll post this to you…


GRAZIA FRANCE -Dec. Issue’12
Photo; Honer Akrawi
Models; Maria Flávia Ferrari and Alexandra Tikerpuu
Styled by; Julie Pailhas
Make up; Fusako Okuno
Pieces ranging from Lanvin, Stella McCartney, Givenchy and Balmain.



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