Spring is soon here! And with it comes…

… the weddings! Having a week of Holiday a little up north in the country with my grandparents, where the sun shines a little more -it makes me long for spring! The wedding season is just around the corner, and when I came across this, though it’s a little old, I wanted to share it with you; sometimes white is just nice no matter what!


The Farmers’ Daughter
Posted in Vogue Nippon – March 2010
Model; Anja Rubik
Photo by; Camilla Akrans
Styled by; Sissy Vian
Hair; Nicolas Jumjack
Make-up; Wendy Rowe


Numéro #141 “Terminal”

I’ve always liked things that are a little odd -so therefore I just had to post this! It’s nice to sit on your vacation and just breathe in a little inspiration!

Produced by; Ernesto Qualizza

Photo; Greg Kadel
Styling; Patti Wilson
Hair; Nicolas Jumjack
Makeup; Kabuki



Hectic day today! Mails, phonecalls, phonemeetings etc…  that’s why I’m not gonna update you guys about what has been going on this last week until tomorrow, but I just have to tell you this…

I don’t expect you guys to remember my post the 14th of january, but finally here’s one of the results! Check out her next album, it definately is something worth listening to!
Hair by; me
Photo; Pål Laukli
Styling; Storm Pedersen



I don’t wanna work and be -ALL-…

SERIOUS! I’ve worked so much lately, I don’t dare to tell my mom and dad! So, up in all this seriousness, meetings, shoots, clients at the salon, researching, fighting sickness and all of it -I just wanna dance-dance-dance!! And have fun! Just like Steve Madden has disco fever in his Winter 2013 Trendbook! 😀

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I long for spring…

Being home and being sick makes you long for warmer times. -Cool pastels and flowers and Brigitte Bardot kinda feel is never wrong then! Despite me being kind of sceptic when it comes to “flowers in hair” it truly is great to see it some times actually works!


Feature; Abby Heath
Photo; Chuando and Frey
Styling; Jumius Wong
Hair by; Graneil Low and Mei Shao
MUA; Nigel Stanislau Ng
Fashion ass; Jack Wang and Oh Jingni



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