10 reasons for you to keep a steady relationship with a hairdresser.

As we’ve started a new year, I hear people all around me talk about their vows for the year to come. It seems it’s such an old tradition that although a lot of people curse it, we always start the year from some type of scratch;

I make up goals in my mind as well but I try to not go all crazy about it; Rather something to reach for or just keep in mind during the year. Very often I hear from those clients of mine who always forget to book an appointment in advance that “Next year, I’ll be much more scheduled so I can keep my mane much more up to date!”.

There are a lot of wins in keeping a steady dating with your hair-advisor…


 1) First and foremost; The relationship between a hairdresser and a client is something that in fact, constantly needs work, as it’s such a personal engagement into your situation. To some, hair is just hair, but ask them the day they don’t get it right, or if they get the wrong cut, color, product -you name it! Everything is wrong! Getting to know the hairdresser, and letting the hairdresser to know you, will optimise  your chances for you to get with your mane as you want to!

2) There’s a ton of products out there; shampoos, conditioners, treatments, serums, sprays, clays, gels, creams… the list could probably go on and on for several lines down here. The fact is; there are NO straight answers to how or in what way you should treat your hair; Your hair is as unique as your DNA, your lifestyle, what it has been through, what you want it to be like and therefore; The advice you would get from a professional would have to be from someone who really know your situation and your mane in the way you want it to be.


3) When considering a drastic change or if you’re really afraid something would go wrong in somewhat way; the more trust you have to the person you are letting care for your mane, the more relaxed and happy you would be with the change itself. Also; If the hairstylist know you, the professional would be more capable of altering what you’re asking for or even stop you, if the result you’re asking for would end up totally wrong with your type of hair or would have to be done in another way than you’re asking for.


4) All of us are from time to time dealing with situations or great happenings and events in our life when we want to look our best; Simultaneously, it feels as if the risk of dropping on the wrong look would be mistakably high; details are so important to all of us, and in that kind of situation when the pressure is on, it’s easier for you to relax and have success in explaining how you would like your hair, when you know and trust the person; It’s just so much more easier to keep a cool head!


5) Our life and the way we live it will in that way also effect the style we would like our hair to speak; short, long, something in between, colored or not. When I’m advising my clients in their request, I always strive to keep the greater picture in mind and get to know them in such an honest way that I know how much they are willing to maintain their mane or not. When I know their wholehearted situation, it’s much easier for me to shoot for the right thing.


6) We have an old unwritten rule in our industry, and that is; “What my clients tell me is between the two of us and nobody else!”; My clients trusts me all sorts of situations in their lives, may it be positive and negative. I feel truly privileged to be so trusted that they dare to tell me -that trust comes from within, and is one of the most beautiful aspects of having clients coming back and back again.


7) “How much?” to me is something else than “how much?” is to you; Dealing with something as simple as just the length of the hair could be crucial. If you don’t know each others’ way of speaking so well, the chances are bigger that some issues regarding your hair might not be addressed in the right way. The better you understand each other, less are the chances something might go wrong.


8) To me; My hair has always been important; I can still remember that feeling I had when I walked out of the salon in my hometown; I had just turned sweet 16, and that sensational feeling of looking T-H-A-T good;


I love hair as the fantastic fabric it is, and I would really like my clients to have that same sensational feeling!

When you feel great, we feel great!


9) When that everyday feeling hits you it’s just so great to feel well with my hair; It makes a big difference, and in some way, it also makes every day a little happier! The feeling of your hair working, not taking more time than you have in the morning, doing what you would like it to do, having the color you would like it to -that feeling.


10) When I’m happy with my mane and it’s working in the way I want it, it’s much easier to dream forward to what would be the next step. To me, hair should be fun!

When having a steady relationship to your hairdresser, you’re able to start planning the next step in advance, together. Planning your hair ahead will have so much positive to contribute to;

You will have something to look forward to, you won’t be bored with your hair, it’s economic and you will in a much wider aspect be able to plan out for what type of products to invest in giving your hair the most efficient way of treating it so it will look it’s best!

If you’re not going steady with a hairdresser, why not try it as a new way of getting your hair done in 2016…?!

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